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     Time is our most precious resource. Your event can be a gift of time well spent that you lovingly offer the individuals in your group. Will it be a time of fun and fellowship? A time for stepping back, reflecting, and being silent?  Or a combination of the two?  Every event is special and each one is custom designed for the group and their needs.

     Presentations can be tailored from a 40 minute keynote to a 3 day retreat.  Think of each topic as an accordion, one we can expand / contract as needed. 

A Spa retreat? SPA: Sit ~ Pray ~ Allow

    Even better: dedicated time to be with the Lord. Yes, we will be pampered – by His unconditional love.  Yes, we will do cardio exercises, for a real heart workout. 

However, our spa-food is definitely not low-carb, because we need the Bread of Life.

    Transforming our lives so we can do our part to transform the world.

God Spa has a seperate page

Retreat Under construction:

ONSA is a Social Innovation Incubator for women interested in joining a live community of ladies accompanying one another from spiritual discernment to action.  

It is the Part 2 to God SPA! 

ONSA: Oh No! She's Awake!

CPR:  Cry Out ~  Praise ~ Rest

Looking to revive your prayer life? Get real with God as we prayerfully Cry Out; Praise our Holy God and then learn how to create personal scripture-centered prayers so we can Rest in His truth.


Cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you.  1 Peter 5:7

CPR Prayer

Praise​ ~    Confess  ~ Thank  ~ Intercede

Using the four step prayer and praying in one accord to reboot our prayer life. This interactive talk is based on the Moms in Prayer International ministry practices.



Rebooting Our Prayer Life

Moms are you finding it difficult to be consistent in your prayer time?  Learn how to enjoy God-time each day no matter what you are doing, where you are going or how hectic your schedule.

Praying L.I.P.S.

Praying with our children

   The most important gift we can give our children is a love for the Lord. Caroline’s creative ideas make it easy to incorporate prayer into family life and to trust God to produce the fruit.

A Christmas Message

Reflecting on Christ’s birth we see how people respond to Him:  with trust like Mary; humility like the magi; fearful pride like Herod.  But it’s from the stinky, smelly shepherds that we can learn to run to Jesus – just as we are.  Which character are you?

Mommy Parables

Lessons for a Strong-willed Child of God. Know any strong-willed children?  So does God! He has so much to teach us about our relationship with Him through parenting.

Identity crisis? Laugh and cry as we hear why we can’t depend on others or ourselves to accurately know who we are, but we can depend on our never-changing God who designed us in His purpose.

The True You

Surprising visitors from around the world with my fun and quirky style, I share God's message hidden in plain sight. I return to my dream job as an official volunteer docent whenever I am in Paris.  Email me to get on my mailing list:


Free tours are always available at the Cathedral in English see the NDP website for details.

Notre Dame Cathedral

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