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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Attending this God’s S.P.A. left me feeling refreshed, clean, light, happy and empowered.

I experienced a renewed sense of who I am in Christ.   Caroline’s message was clear, eloquent, easily understood, she gave me “food for thought”. She brings an energy and an enthusiasm into the room which is very contagious! Not only that, she is an excellent pedagogue. Her teachings are filled with practical examples and funny visual effects!   Kristina, Oslo, Norway.

Comments about our God SPA gift of time morning at Eglise FEA, Paris March 2013:  

Gabrielle:: encore...encore...encore...encore ;o)  25 mars, 11:39 · 

Audrey:: C'était génial !!! J'aurais même aimé que ça dure plus longtemps !!  23 mars, 16:54 via mobile  

Anne-Marie:: Le Seigneur a répondu au-delà de nos espérances! Grand est notre Dieu!  23 mars, 19:28 ·

Annie:: Comment dire ? C'était génial !!Oui plus longtemps çà serai bien ... J'en ai parlé avec Caroline justement ... et elle est pour Alleluia !! C'était vraiment à ne pas rater ... Merci seigneur pour ce temps béni ... Que le Seigneur bénisse Caroline et nous toutes . Amen   23 mars, 21:21 ·


"Following the God Spa experience, I was able to recall what I had learned about my prayer life, apply new practices and ultimately grow in my relationship with Jesus, my Savior!"  Lisa P.  


"I had a total thought process changed.  Sometimes I (like everyone else!) get tied up thinking how much work I need to do and spending time in God’s word can’t be as important as getting the next project done.  WRONG.  Knowing God delights in my spending time in quiet and reflection and that that time will be redeemed is a freeing, exhilarating idea."  Thanks  A.U.


"The message was clear and clever…a lot of great questions for us to think about."  Cindy K.


"God Spa  is very easy for women to relate to; it’s a very special blessing from God – many thoughtful insights into our walk with God."  Mary S.

“God was certainly moving in that room.  Everyone was enthralled by her every word.  We laughed.  We cried. We were moved.”

Jean Shearer, Mothers Of Preschoolers (MOPS) mentor

“One of the things that the women most appreciated was that your stories were their stories and their struggles. It was also great that during break times you made real connections with the ladies who were there. You listened to who they were and helped them to realize that God was listening too. I know that God will continue to use you in a special way.”

Debbie Pell, Great Valley Church retreat organizer

“Caroline’s talk at our church was so down-to-earth about how we take on the all the “post-its” of what we do as a mom, wife , daughter, sister and employee and we lose track of what and who we are to Jesus.  It was an excellent talk for our annual Ladies Brunch where we often have non-believers in attendance. -

Tammy Wollum, Mother’s Day brunch organizer

“I have known Caroline for over 6 years.  She and her husband were in a small home study group for 4 years with my husband and I and she has a deep hunger for God’s Word.   She is a special friend and is a blessing to so many.  She has a wonderful heart for God, and especially prayer, and loves sharing her heart and life with other women.  I have heard her speak a number of times to women in our church and each time she shared accurate and exciting truths from God’s Word and how they apply to our lives.    Please contact me if you have any questions.”

Dee Stick, Mothers Of Preschoolers mentor

“Caroline used excellent illustrations to help us focus on God’s word.”

 Jane, God SPA Retreat participant

“The speaker (Caroline) was fun, insightful, well-organized and has given us lots to take home and continue growing on.” 

Ariel, God SPA participant

“Caroline was real and inspiring, a great choice for a speaker to motivate and challenge us. She spoke right to my heart.”  Tracey W.

“(Caroline) was very genuine, engaging, but still “deep”, Bible-orientated and Bible-based.”  Peggy L.

“The God Spa presentations were excellent and dynamic. This topic affected me greatly!”  Amanda K.

I have watched listeners watch you with rapt attention… While you communicate valuable content you tend to entertain with dramatic stories and sophisticated delivery.  … I make changes which were stimulated by your material.  Sometimes it’s a change of outlook.  Sometimes it is the benefit of knowing more and being more informed.

Susan Sabo, Pres. of Organizers Inc.

Caroline is a warm outgoing person by nature and brings that energy and enthusiasm to her audience through her speaking.  She has captivated a group of moms and inspired them to pray for their children.

Karen Hahn, a MOPS mom


She is an expert in providing information, motivating, facilitating synergism. I highly recommend her for her speaking ability, leadership, personality and overall knowledge of group dynamics. Your time with her will be well spent.

 Rear Admiral D. C. Richardson, Former V.P. Chester County Toastmasters

(Dan has heard me speak many, many times, but never at a women’s retreat!)





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