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DRAFT and SAMPLE Resources for Organizers of

White Clay Creek Presbyterian Church

March 3-5, 2017  

Black Rock Retreat Center, Quarryville, PA 

(last updated: Dec 4)

Basic Info about God SPA for organizers

Sample Prayer Team retreat prayer prompts

SAMPLE Timed Agenda

SAMPLE Template Agenda

Sample Songs with lyrics

Text God SPA verses

 Handouts  : recommended to use different pastel colored sheets.

CPR prayer prompt instructions, sample and worksheet (please print as 3 pages/sheets)


Praising God ABCs a simple list of God's attributes (one page/sheet)


Who I am in Christ  a list with verse references (one page/sheet)


Card:  CPR prompt card (coming soon) Please on card stock and cut to business card size:  2 x 3.5 inches


Card:  Booster Shot: 2 ideas 


NOT FOR FOLDER : Given at end of retreat:

"Spa Benefits" comparing world spa needs and Scripture answers(one page/sheet)


Small Group Discussion Questions (coming soon)


Other Handouts:

Attributes and Character of God a detailed list with verse references (please print 4 pages as 2 double sided sheets)


Humility Check a series of questions to help with silent confession (please print 2 pages on one double sided sheet)


1/4 page Card:  Praise ABCs / SPA verses (1/4 of a page, print double sided on card stock or laminated) FONTS NEED TO BE UPDATED

Supplies and equipment needed for retreat day



  • headset or lapel mic - essential for first session.


Visual Aids: 

  • easel / paper or dry erase board 

  • fat markers

  • music coordinator may request projection for song lyrics



  • lecturn for bible, notes, water

    First session only:  

  • table for my props - card table size 4 person

  • simple table cloth to cover and extends to the floor


For Participants   

  • folder with handouts (contents tbd by organizers, see above) blank paper 

  • extra pens and plain paper

  • tissues










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