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For Organizers 4 Step Prayer:  Event Handouts and Setup

Required Handout :  

Prayer Sheet God Our Teacher - for Session #2

Optional Handouts.  Please review content prior to printing:

Recommended to hand out to all:

4 Step Prayer / ABC Praise business card size reminder 

         When cut makes 10 cards/sheet.  Please print on card stock, double sided.


Humility Check a series of questions to help with silent confession

          Please print these 2 pages on one double sided sheet


Booster Shot Post Card:  No PDF at this time -

          Please provide a Blank Card and Envelope to be addressed by attendees during the session. 



Recommended to have available but not handed out: 


Attributes and Character of God a detailed list with verse references

         Please print 4 pages as 2 double sided sheets


Praising God ABCs a simple list of God's attributes

         One page/sheet




Confession Reflection   Please review content to see appropriate for  your group, usually for advanced groups and leaders.



Supplies and equipment needed for event day



  • headset or lapel mic 


Visual Aids: 

  • easel / paper or dry erase board 

  • fat markers 



  • lecturn for bible, notes, water


For Participants   

  • handouts (contents tbd by organizers, see above) 

  • extra pens and plain paper

  • tissues










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