May - Getting Real with God and One Another - Doylestown Presbyterian Church

Februray - Release of our book Marginalized, Maligned, and Miraculous - Women in Scripture

January to May - CPE / Chaplain Intern at local Trauma 1 Medical Center




Discovery phase for OSA {pronounced oza, it's a form of the French verb "to dare"}:   Oh No! She's Awake!  A Social Innovation Incubator for women interested in joining a live community of ladies accompanying one another from spiritual discernment to action.

MDiv  Master of Divinity from Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University -  I a break from participating in events from 2015 to 2018 to put all of my energy into my seminary studies. Mission Accomplished in May! Yay me!





January - God Spa Paris

February -  The American Church in Paris God SPA retreat

Year long - Planned and lived the moving of our family back the the USA!




January 20 – American Church in Paris – 4 Steps of Prayer

January 26 –   Lillebonne, France (Normandie)   – God SPA gift of time afternoon

March 23 – Paris  - God SPA gift of time morning

May 18/19 – Lyon France  - 4 steps of prayer seminar at the Life Springs Annual Retreat.

August 30/31 – The American Lutheran Congregation in Oslo

October 5 - Contacts Feminins Chretiens, Versailles  God SPA VF

October 19 - Contacts Feminins Chretiens, Brunoy  God SPA VF

November  9 - Moms in Prayer European Leaders Conference - 4 steps of prayer testimony

November 23 - Contacts Feminins Chretiens, Nogent sur Marne  God SPA VF

December 17 - American Church of Paris Women's Bible Study Christmas event - "True Luxury"






April - Women’s Bible Study morning retreat, Eglise Evangélique Baptiste, Antony, France

May -  Contacts Chrétiens Féminins Committee,  Paris, France




October - Mères en Contact meeting Soujan, France  "Oatmeal princess" - Lord, your will be Done!




MOPS - throughout greater Philadelphia area, Moms to Mom,

Great Valley Pres Church

Christ Community Church, West Chester, PA

Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, Malvern, PA

CBS leaders retreat,  Longwood, PA