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About Me

 I was the loudest (ok, second loudest) little girl on the block.  I tried really hard to shut up for a really long time…until I realized being a big mouth, drawing a crowd, telling stories and making people think about things in a new way – that’s my gift!  And ever since I have been speaking to groups about everything from prayer and Bible study to depression and parenting strong-willed kids.




God has stretched my faith  many times {as He has yours}, most recently by having me present God SPA in French to international audiences. I thought when we moved to France as expats I would have to put my speaking on hold- God had other plans - so I continue to be called back to speak to French and English groups.


I also have the unexpected privilege to be an official docent at Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. Each week I get to share God's truth with visitors from around the world as we discover the Christian message hidden in stone {Thursdays at 14h}

Silly Picture, Right?

I love this particular skit because it helps me explain who we are in Christ.  We don’t need to be defined by the world, our true identity is determined by God.

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